Ear Wax removal treatments Andover
Ear Wax removal treatments Andover

Ear Wax removal systems Irrigation and Micro Suction

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Ear Wax Removal Andover
Ear Wax Removal Andover

Ear Wax removal by Irrigation Andover Hearing Care Andover

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Ear Wax Removal Andover
Ear Wax Removal Andover

Ear Wax removal by Micro Suction at Smiths Hearing Care Andover

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Our hearing changes as we get older, like our eyesight, and this is perfectly normal. Most hearing loss typically progresses gradually until we are forced to do something about it and only then do we seek professional advice.  Research shows that a person with hearing loss waits on average 7-9 years before consulting a professional. But the sooner hearing help is sought, the sooner improved communication and quality of life is possible.  At Smith's Hearing Care we will offer you the best advice on all aspects of your hearing and ear care.  



At Smith's Hearing Care, we will take whatever time it requires to explore your individual hearing needs and we will use the recommended BSA (British Society of Audiology) standard of procedure to carry out an assessment.

This will include

  • Understand your general health to find out if you are on any medication that could interfere with your hearing

  • Inspect the inside of your ear canal using an Otoscopy

  • Conduct pure tone audiometry to determine the quietest sounds you can detect

  • Test your ability to distinguish speech in both quiet and noisy environments

  • Perform tympanometry to reveal any disfunction of your outer or middle ear.

  • Live map speech to show you how you hear conversations

  • Check your current hearing aid if you wear one

  • Provide tinnitus advice

  • Remove any wax that may be obstructing your ear canal.



At Smiths Hearing Care the audiologist will go through the different types of hearing aids that are available to you.  You will be shown various types, with advice on which will work best for your hearing situation.



At Smiths Hearing Care we understand how you might want to try out a product before you buy, so we can offer trial hearing aids to allow you to try them in your own time and in your own surroundings.  These are available for a small deposit.



At Smiths Hearing Care in Andover we like to think we have a solution for everyone's needs and budgets. So we have a rental scheme that enables you to hire a hearing aid from us for a small monthly payment.  No one needs to feel they cannot afford to improve their hearing. 



We are a local Andover based family business and one of our main aims is to offer the local community a first class aftercare service.  You are very welcome to speak to a member of our staff during office hours and we will see you whenever you have a problem.  Alternatively, leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. So there should be no waiting for days or weeks for an appointment. Also, If your aid needs to go away to be serviced, we will not leave you without an aid but will lend you a substitute aid until yours has been returned.


We are based in Andover and are very happy to come to your home and see you in your own environment if you cannot come to our treatment room for any reason. 



Initially you will be asked a series of questions related to ear health, and to any experiences you have had with earwax removal before commencement of your treatment.

There are different ways to remove the wax.  After a thorough investigation of your ears, we will offer you at least two alternative methods of wax removal.


This must be carried out by a fully qualified practitioner, using a a specialist medical grade vacuum pump that gently sucks the earwax out of the ear.  No liquids are used during this procedure, which is seen as the gold standard in earwax removal and is the safest method available.


Another common and safe method of earwax removal involves irrigation. It makes use of a medical spray ear wash machine. An irrigation solution is carefully warmed to body temperature (you will see it carefully checked) and is then introduced into your ear canal.  Using a body temperature liquid is essential to avoid the risk of dizziness or 'temporary vertigo'. The procedure may need to be repeated but this really depends on how old or hard the wax is in your ear canal.



Tinnitus is a condition in which you hear sound in your head or ears, when there is actually no external sound.  It might be a ringing, humming, buzzing or whooshing noise and it is surprisingly common.  As a Member of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) Aubrey can offer support to tinnitus sufferers.  Tinnitus can seem daunting but you are not alone and we have tips and advice to help you.



Protection against hearing damage is essential where exposure to loud sound occurs as a result of occupational or recreational activity.  There is a wide range of custom fit noise protection products for use in a variety of situations: including Musician filtered Earplugs for listening to music, and noise plugs for use in industrial environments, in sports such as swimming and leisure activities such as motorcross.


We stock hearing aid batteries and spare parts, and other hearing equipment such as speakers and cleaning kits.