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The Effects of Hearing Loss 


At Smith's Hearing Care we understand how hearing loss impacts on the quality of life, and on communication with family and friends. 


Loss of hearing can happen slowly over a period of time. It is well documented that the sooner it is acted on, the better the results. The earlier a bespoke hearing aid can be fitted and adjusted correctly, the easier will be the process of adjustment to wearing it and the easier it will be for the brain to adapt to it.  The brain interprets the sound signals it hears and, if it is not getting those signals, it becomes less stimulated and more prone to memory and cognitive problems.

There are two major types of hearing loss: sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss. To find out more about more Click Here.

Missing out on conversations can make someone with hearing difficulties feel left out or isolated. It can also undermine self-confidence. Poor hearing can lead to embarrassment, arouse frustration or anger, anxiety and depression.  To have to ask people constantly to repeat what they have said is both frustrating and annoying for everyone. Eating in a restaurant, cafe or pub with a lot of background noise can be frustrating to someone with hearing problems, causing them to withdraw and feel left out or isolated. Concentrating on the television or trying to hear people who mumble can also be very difficult for someone with hearing loss. Spatial awareness and localisation can be effected by hearing loss, so impaired hearing puts the hard-of-hearing in danger if don't receive any warning of a vehicle approaching.

How Can Smith's Hearing Care Help? 


Smith's Hearing Care can help you by offering a bespoke service to help you learn to cope with a hearing aid and take care of your hearing for life.  By maintaining continuity with the same audiologist, we believe you have the best prospect of ensuring your hearing is the best it can be.  

How Can Hearing Aids Help? 


Hearing Aids amplify sounds and make conversations easier. They help when using a phone and reduce background sounds.  They can also help with tinnitus by blocking out the sounds.

Having a hearing aid will make listening to the television, radio and all forms of music an enjoyable pastime and not a frustrating one.

There are many different types of hearing aids and quite a few international manufacturers.  By coming to an independent audiologist, you will be offered a greater range of aids to suit your hearing; including rechargeable aids, so no more worrying about buying batteries.  Aids come in various sizes and can be interlinked with your telephone or television through bluetooth. Types include: 

IIC - Invisible In the Canal - custom fitted to sit deep in the ear canal for people with a moderate hearing loss

CIC - Completely In the Canal - custom fit and almost invisible

ITE - In The Ear - custom fit and sit comfortably in the ear but larger to make them easier to handle, and suitable for more severe hearing loss

RITE - Receiver In The Ear - the most popular as they sit discretely behind the ear and come with many useful features to make life easier, fitted for most types of hearing loss.


BTE - Behind The Ear - a more traditional type of hearing aid but with all the latest technology inside, suitable for more severe and profound hearing loss. 

Delaying the adoption of hearing aids will inevitably make the process of adapting to them much harder, so please don't hesitate but make an appointment and talk to us. We can even arrange a home visit if you prefer. 

Most importantly, the first step to better hearing is finding an experienced audiologist. Tuning hearing aids is a specialist and complex process.  All hearing aids need to be fine tuned and adjusted, which may involve several visits.  At Smiths Hearing Care we will get your hearing up to the best possible level we can.  Our hearing aids are 100% guaranteed so, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will refund the cost. Our terms and conditions are set out clearly on our invoice.

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