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Hearing Aids & Face Masks - Are You Finding It Tricky?

Hearing aids and face masks

Current government guidance says that people should wear suitable face coverings in enclosed public spaces, shops and on public transport.

However, wearing hearing aids and face masks - and sometimes glasses, too - can be a bit tricky. It can even lead to you losing or damaging your hearing aid.

1. Take your time and focus only on putting on or taking off your mask.

2. Find a spot where you can stand or sit still where you can easily check the floor or furnishings if your hearing aid does fall.

3. If you wear glasses, take them off before putting your mask on or off. Remove your glasses by moving them upwards not forwards.

4. Tie back long hair or put it in a bun.

5. Use a mask that ties around your head, or has elastic that goes round your head rather than around your ears if possible

6. If you have a mask with ear elastic, use a mask extender - a piece of fabric with buttons - if you can.

7. If you have elastic near your ears, make sure your hearing aids are closest to your head, then the elastic further away.

8. Put on and take off one side of your mask at a time, rather than both sides at once. Do this slowly and carefully - don't tug or yank.

9. Check your hearing aids are still in place before you move on.

10. Check your hearing aids aren't tangled up in your mask before putting your face mask into the laundry (or the bin for a disposable one).

11. Just in case make double sure you have your Hearing Aids added to your Home Insurance!

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